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Hal Hockersmith is a Nebraska certified Professional Computer Engineer working for Reinke Manufacturing, a mechanized irrigation company based in Deshler, NE. He and the team of electrical engineers are fast turning irrigation equipment from simple watering devices into smart water application robots. Nothing is safe from digitization, not even the switches.

Trained in the skills of Computer Engineering at Kansas State University he is now living out a bit of his dream of being able to point to something and say "That thing? Yep, I helped build it." Always waiting and ready for the next challenge to appear before him. If you would like to consider Hal for your team either contact him or check out his resume.

However living in a small town sometimes causes one to go in search of the next great challenge. When one is an engineer one can tend to look at everything as a problem waiting to be solved. If something doesn't work the way it should then build your own or modify it to your will. Busy with projects (including hacking his only camera) you may begin to see details appear at his main site if he would ever put the soldering iron down. When not dreaming up the next big project he can be found leading teens on a FIRST robotics team or helping the local fire department. Have questions? Drop him a message or search him out on
select social networks. --HRH