This is a quick FAQ as to the site.

Question 1: Why is the program so jerkey?

Answer: The emulator is based on Java and is
just an example of the abilities. Java
requires a lot of processing power to
emulate the NES.

Q 2: Why is the sound so poor?

Answer: Blame Java again. Your system may not
have enough resources to acurately
recreate the sound. Plus java's sound
engine is natoriously poor.

Q 3: Can I have that emulator?

Answer: You bet. Head over to the NESCafe page
and download it from there.

Q 4: Can I have the games?

Answer: Nope. Go to google or your favorite
search engine and take a look around
over there for NES roms.

Q 5: Hey how did you beat the ads?

Lots of fun stuff there ;)

Email other questions to

They may appear here later.