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Welcome to Hockersmith.net version 2
The site has been redone in the backend code but the page still looks the same.

- The site now uses CSS and DIV tags to create the illusion of the old frame based page. It is a little easier on the web engines and uses less javascript.

Projects of Mine:
-Computer Slow? Have Adware problems? Make your self an antidisk that will fit on a pocket CD-RW.

-A while back I did some work on the now dead Play-Launch extension.
Read here for the story behind the fun and what happened.

-And for all of you Firefox users who ride the edge of updates and browser versions, do you hate it when your extensions break and aren't updated quickly?
Make those extenions work with your new browser while waiting for the update.

-Not interested in any of the above? Go play Super Mario Brothers Online. Requires Java!
It was from an old class project. The teacher thought the java applet was beyond my ablilties for a beginner. Plus playing games in front of him under the "debugging" claim was fun.

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